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Independent Thinking

Summer 2014
Independent Thinking is the quarterly journal of Evercore Wealth Management
John Apruzzese

John Apruzzese, Investing at High Altitudes. Click to play.

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Jewelle Bickford

Jewelle Bickford, Partner and Wealth Advisor, Evercore Wealth Management. Click to play.

May 14, 2014

Howard Cure: Trouble in Gotham

If Batman wants to save New York, he shouldn't worry as much about the city's crime as he should about its aging infrastructure. Delayed maintenance and underinvestment across most of the categories measured by the American Society of Civil Engineers have undermined one of the world's great cities at its core. more >
February 26, 2014

John Apruzzese: "Investing at High Altitudes"

Evercore Wealth Management CIO John Apruzzese discusses the firm's current investment outlook. more >
January 21, 2014

Howard Cure: California - First in Pension Reform?

Californians need never be bored. There is almost always a pending referendum to argue about. Since the state constitution was opened to amendments by the people in 1911, over 300 have come to a vote, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. For municipal bond investors, this time it's personal. more >
August 04, 2014

Financial Advisor Names Evercore a Top RIA

Evercore Wealth Management was ranked among the top Registered Independent Advisors in the United States by Financial Advisor magazine. more >
July 25, 2014

Howard Cure Interviewed by CNBC for the Nightly Business Report

Evercore Wealth Management Municipal Bond Research Director Howard Cure was interviewed by CNBC's Nightly Business Report on the debt troubles facing Atlantic City, New Jersey. more >
July 17, 2014

Roger Altman: Surprise: The Economy isn't As Bad As You Think

Nearly seven years after the onset of the great Recession, the national mood remains troubled. Surveys find entrenched pessimism over the country's economic outlook and overall trajectory. more >