Financial Times Quotes Dien Yuen on Chinese-American Philanthropy




Chinese-American philanthropists are a growing force in charitable giving, Evercore Wealth Management Wealth & Fiduciary Advisor Dien Yuen told the Financial Times.

These donors, including many young donors, are making social or impact investments and setting up new types of philanthropic entities, as did Priscilla Chan and husband Mark Zuckerberg when they established a limited liability company for their giving.
Many of these social investments are being directed to causes in south-east Asia, says Dien. “The parents came to the United States and now the kids are interested in going home and doing broader giving in that area,” she said. “So it’s come full circle.”
Dien is based at the firm’s San Francisco office and can be contacted at Financial Times subscribers can view the full article, “Chinese-Americans have growing prominence on the US philanthropic landscape” here.